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Peter Franus
November 18, 2013 | Peter Franus

I Love Making Wine

I love making wine, or as my wife says, I have never met a grape I didn’t like! Well, there may be a few out there I don’t care for but my passion for winemaking compels me to produce wines from many different varieties.

I started with Zinfandel in 1987, and that’s probably what I’m best known for.  Cabernet Sauvignon followed on its heels in 1992, and Sauvignon Blanc in 1996. The “red only” wine drinkers out there have repeatedly told us that it is the first white wine they have liked.  Nice!

Now, I produce around a dozen unique wines and blends. Trying to keep life interesting! Albarino, the wonderfully intriguing aromatic white wine from Spain. Chenin Blanc—the noble white famous in the Loire in France and in South Africa. Exotic Mourvedre, grown extensively in Spain and the Rhone Valley in France.

Life gets boring eating the same food and drinking the same wine every day. There’s a whole other world of wine out there—and my mission is to do my best to bring some of those varieties to the attention of my wine drinking friends and fans.

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